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We excel in a select few areas, focusing our expertise to guide you towards meaningful change and stronger relationships

Weekly Group Sessions

These sessions focus on different aspects of personal and relationship development, featuring small groups of up to 10 members carefully selected to contribute to collective growth.

In-Person Events

Held at various locations throughout the year, these events combine intensive learning with enjoyable activities, offering a unique blend of education and fun.

1:1 Coaching and Learning Resources

Members have access to individual coaching sessions and a comprehensive vault of learning materials aimed at enhancing marriage and self-development.

Who We Are?

Transformative Coaches for Personal & Relationship Growth

The Better Man Project: Empowering men through community, growth, role modeling, and relationship enhancement.

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Client Testimonial
Positive Feedback: Our Driving Force
"Cheers to you both for creating the space for men to dive deep and explore what is commonly avoided by groups of guys as “taboo or socially unacceptable. I need this; more men need this! I am impressed in the curriculum you have created and the way that you conduct the calls/sessions to entice conversation. ​ I can tell from the first two sessions that the work is pushing me to show up differently in my relationship with my wife and other friends. Thank you."
Tanner Fanello
Denver CO

Can you be accepting and still ambitious?

I recently wrote a piece on accepting that you are good enough.  As great as that concept can be I know a lot of guys immediately think something like: “If
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